Unlock Longevity: Become an Expert Age Management Consultant

Unlock Longevity: Become an Expert Age Management Consultant

We live in a unique time. The fact that people born today will live for more than 100 years is not a myth, but the near future. And now, more than ever before, a person wants to be young, beautiful and functional for as long as possible. After all, investing in your health is the best way to invest in your future.

The world has come to the need to train age management consultants – specialists in the field of PRO AGE, preventive gerontology, who could accompany and consultant a person from a young age to old age. Doctors, biologists, psychologists, fitness instructors, nurses, spa specialists, cosmetologists, aestheticians and many, many others can combine knowledge of medicine, biology, psychology, nutritiology and other fields and become guides of ideas in the field of increasing the body’s resources that counteract premature aging.

By the way, according to economic forecasts, such specialists in the field of gerontology will very soon become the most in demand. It is you who can become such an expert-level consultant!

For the first time, training is based on the domain principle. You will learn how, by influencing the psychological, physical, sensory, nutritive, cognitive domains, it is possible to effectively and interestingly build modern prevention programs.
The program provides for the development of the following sections:

  • Types of age: chronological, biological, social, psychological and others. Modern scientific evidence-based approaches to biological age management.
  • The concept of premature and accelerated aging.
  • Assessment of functionality, risk factors for its violations, determination of a positive roadmap for improving functionality.
  • Management of external signs of premature aging. The skin and its appendages are protected from premature aging. Individualization of the use of modern technologies.
  • Nutrition of modern man. Nutritional support of preventive programs. Bioregulators of age: cellular chronoblockers, substances of peptide, non-peptide and other nature, methods of their application.
  • Motor activity: physiological basics, selection of individual practices.
  • Ecology of human health and ecological methods of age management.
  • Psychology of age management. Cognitive functions and their preservation at different stages of human life. Cognitive resilience-gymnastics.
  • Multimodal prevention and protection of cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal systems.
  • Hormonal restructuring of the female and male body, modern management and maintenance.
  • Physical activity and neuroimmunoendocrine stimulation.
  • SPA and wellness technologies in age management based on evidence.
  • Counseling and support of a person at different stages of life from the standpoint of positive health psychology.

The program starts on June 9, 2022, and ends in September 2022.
The volume is 220 hours.

The premiere of new educational program in Riga at 8 June!

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